10x10x10 magic cube


A Nasik (= pandiagonal & pantriagonal) magic cube is not possible. If you want a more than simple 10x10x10 magic cube you can choose a diagonal ór a pantriagonal 10x10x10 magic cube.




[Medjig method] I have used the Medjig method three dimensional (3D) to construct a simple 10x10x10 magic cube.




In my opinion it is not  possible to find regular grids to construct a diagonal magic cube of order double odd like the 10x10x10 magic cube. With help of computer (programming) you can construct a diagonal 10x10x10 magic cube; see below the analysis of Li Wen's 10x10x10 diagonal cube.


10x10x10, diagonal, analysis.xlsx
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You can see that this 10x10x10 diagonal magic cube has been constructed by using three grids with the number 1 up to 10 in it. Number 1 is connected with 10, 2 with 9, 3 with 8, ... But the numbers are aranged in an irregular sequence; tregular sequence is not possible.




[Medjig method] Look how René Chretien created a pantriagonal 10x10x10 magic cube by using the Medjig method (3D).


[Method of Luyendijk] Luckily it is possible to construct a pantriagonal 10x10x10 magic cube by using regular grids.