24x24 magic square


Explanation 24x24 magic square

The 24x24 magic is an even multiple of 4, but no 2n (= 4x4, 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, ... magic square). It is possible to construct a Franklin panmagic 24x24 square, but not all methods (for example Sudoku method 3 does not work) can be applied to construct the 24x24 magic square.


Construction methods

Methods to construct the 24x24 magic square are:


Composite simple (a) and (b) give simple 24x24 magic squares.


Symmetric transformation (Liki) and basic key method (ultra magic) leads to ultra magic 24x24 squares.


Medjig, composite Matroesjka, composite proportional (1)a, composite proportional (2), 22x22 in 24x24 and concentric are 'specials'.


With the remaining methods you can construct most perfect (Franklin pan)magic 24x24 squares.