16x16x16 magic cube


I have used the Medjig method 3D to construct a Nasik (= pandiagonal & pantriagonal) 16x16x16 magic cube and 1/2 rows/columns/diagonals in each level give 1/2 of the magic sum.


René Chrétien created a Nasik 16x16x16 magic cube. You can find sequential numbers in the magic cube by using chess horse jumps.


Construct a Franklin panmagic 16x16x16 cube. This cube must be 2x2(x2) compact and 1/2 rows/columns/diagonals in the levels and 1/2 space diagonals must give 1/2 of the magic sum.


I have constructed 3 versions: Franklin panmagic (1), Franklin panmagic (2) and Franklin panmagic (3).


Whizz kids say that only the first and the third version are valid Franklin panmagic 16x16x16 cubes, because it consists of 8 proportional Nasik 8x8x8 magic cubes.