5x5x5 magic square


A Nasik (= pandiagonal & pantriagonal) 5x5x5 magic cube does not exist. You must choose for a diagonal ór a pantriagonal magic cube (a pandiagonal 5x5x5 magic cube is also not possible).


Half pandiagonal / diagonal


[Shift method] You can not construct a diagonal magic cube with regular grids. A 5x5x5 diagonal magic cube has been constructed by computer programming. See the analysis of Walter Trump and Christian Boyer's 5x5x5 diagonal magic cube. On the same webpage you find a half (pan)diagonal 5x5x5 magic cube, which has been constructed by the shift method.




[Composite 1] It is also possible to construct a 5x5x5 pantriagonal magic cube by using a specific 5x5 magic square and its row- or column grid.