4x4x4 magic cube


Read on http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_magische_kubus all about the features of the perfect magic cube. The smallest perfect magic cube is the 5x5x5 magic cube.

See on www.trump.de/magic-squares/magic-cubes/cubes-1.html the following 4x4x4 magic cube. This 4x4x4 magic cube is almost perfect.




This 4x4x4 magic cube has the following magic features:

  • the 4 rows, the 4 columns, the 2 diagonals and the 6 pandiagonals in each level give the magic sum of 130;
  • the 16 pilars give the magic sum of 130;
  • the 16 diagonals through the 4 levels give the magic sum of 130;
  • the sum of the tridiagonals is 100, 120 140 respectively 160 (instead of 130).

'Thomas4art' constructed in 1982 already a simular 4x4x4 magic cube; see on



I show you how to construct almost perfect 4x4x4 magic cubes, pantriagonal & symmetric 4x4x4 magic cubes and pantriagonal & compact 4x4x4 magic cubes.