14x14x14 magic cube


A Nasik (= pandiagonal & pantriagonal) 14x14x14 magic cube does not exist. Above simple, only a pantriagonal 14x14x14 magic cube has been constructed. Theoretical it is possible to get a diagonal 14x14x14 magic cube.


Simple (diagonal trial)


[Composite 2'] See the result of my 14x14x14 diagonal trial. It is simple magic and half of the diagonals in and through the levels give magic sum +/+ 49 and the other half give magic sum -/- 49. There are possibilities to fix some diagonals by swapping numbers, but to get a fully diagonal 14x14x14 magic cube ...




[Method of Luyendijk] I used the method of Luyendijk (for order is double odd) to construct a pantriagonal 14x14x14 magic cube.