30x30 magic square


Explanation 30x30 magic square

The 30x30 magic square is double odd. Double odd magic squares have an irregular structure. That's why a pure panmagic, symmetric and/or compact 30x30 magic square does not exist. But, 30=5x6 (or 3x10) and you can composite the 30x30 magic square using a 5x5 and a 6x6 (or a 3x3 and 10x10) magic square. It is possible to construct a 30x30 magic square consisting of 5x5 proportional 6x6 magic squares. The 30x30 magic square is 6x6 compact, each 1/5 row/column/diagonal gives 1/5 of the magic sum and the numbers are in sequence in the 30x30 magic square starting in the 6x6 sub-square top left. Special 30x30 magic squares are 28x28 in 30x30 and the 30x30 concentric magic square.


Construction methods

Methods to construct the 30x30 magic square are: