7x7x7x7 simple & pandiagonal in levels magic cube


This simple 7x7x7x7 magic cube is, (two dimensional) panmagic in the levels. The 7x7x7x7 kubus consists of 2 grids. Each grid consist of a 7x7 ultra magic square and 48x the shifted version of the 7x7 magic square.


N.B.: The 7x7x7x7 magic cube is also 1/2 pandiagonal magic through the levels, 1/2 pantriagonal magic and (estimated) 3/4 panquadragonal magic. See that using the shift method you get a (fully) pantriagonal and panquadragonal 11x11x11x11 magic cube (which is 1/2 pandiagonal magic through the levels).


See for grids, the result and the check (if all numbers are in the magic cube and if addition of the numbers give the right magic sum) the download below.


7x7x7x7, Pandiagonal in levels.xlsx
Microsoft Excel werkblad 310.5 KB