Magic square


Goal of website

Learn everything about magic squares. You can use simple tricks to create simple or most perfect magic squares (in EXCEL).


Website structure

Magic squares exist in infinite dimensions and sizes (= orders). Choose first a dimension.

Read at first the main explanation of each dimension.


Within each dimension there are different orders, starting with 3x3(x3x3x...) to infinite.


For each order I give detailled explanation and I present all known and unknown tricks (methods) to get not only the simple but also the most perfect solutions for the given order.


For every solution you find on the webpage a download to create your own magic squares/(hyper)cubes.


See also other magic figures in 'Specials'


Creater of website

My name is Arie Breedijk. I live in the Netherlands. I have been studying magic squares for many years. I am not a mathematician and I do not know anything about computer programming. I make my magic squares in EXCEL. I was always looking for the most perfect solutions. I found already known methods on the internet, but I also discovered many methods myself to create the most magic squares, cubes and hypercubes.



If you have any remarks/questions/tips, please send me an email (arie47breedijk[add]hetnet.nl).