12x12 magic square


Explanation 12x12 magic square

The 12x12 magic square is an odd multiple of 4. To construct a 12x12 magic square there are less construction methods available than you can use to construct an 8x8 or 16x16 magic square. It is not possible to construct a Franklin magic 12x12 square, but you can construct an ultra magic or most perfect magic 12x12 square.


Construction methods

The methods to construct a 12x12 magic square are:


The Medjig 12x12 and the composite 12x12 magic square (0) are simple magic squares.


The composite (1) up to (3a), concentric and trimagic 12x12 magic squares are 'specials'.


Use symmetric transformation and basic key method (ultra magic) to construct ultra magic 12x12 squares.


With the remaing methods you can construct most perfect magic 12x12 squares.